Online & On-Demand Training

Accessible MDT Training on your schedule

Education and Training needs to be flexible, especially for our multidisciplinary team members. The field of working with children, victims of crime, and providing safety to our community is a 24/7 job which is why we have created an online training program to fit your needs and schedule, all at no cost.

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Vicarious Trauma and Building Resiliency

This training addresses the emotional, mental, and physical toll that is often imposed on those in helping professions. During this workshop, professionals will learn how to strengthen themselves and their organizations against compassion fatigue and burnout. They will also learn how to incorporate resiliency into their everyday work lives.

Understanding Commercial and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

This training will allow participants to understand what constitutes commercial and online sexual exploitation of children, who is at risk for exploitation, and how to effectively recognize, respond to and report sexual exploitation of children, and the multidisciplinary response which follows.

Law Enforcement Orientation

This training is designed for new members of law enforcement, or those who are beginning to respond to reports of sexual assault. Participants will gain knowledge in how the Child Advocacy Center model works, and the forensic interview process. Participants will also learn how to respond to child victims in a trauma informed way, conduct a minimal facts investigation, and serve as an effective first complain witness.