Organizational Training

Professional Training for Your Organization

It is critical that our community maintains ongoing education and training to effectively recognize, respond to, and report child abuse and crimes against children. The Children’s Cove Education and Training program offers professional training which comes directly to any youth serving or multidisciplinary organization at no cost.

Training Offerings

Commercial and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

This training will allow participants to understand what constitutes commercial and online sexual exploitation of children, who is at risk for exploitation, and how to effectively recognize, respond to and report sexual exploitation of children, and the multidisciplinary response which follows.

The Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse

Provided by our Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, understanding the comprehensive response to sexual assault of children from a medical perspective.

First Responders to Sexual Assault and First Complaint

Developed with law enforcement and prosecution, participants will gain knowledge in how to respond to child victims in a trauma-informed way, preserve evidence, conduct a minimal facts interview, and serve as an effective first complain witness.

Sexual Behavior and Development of Children

Sexual behavior in children does not always indicate sexual abuse. However, there is behavior which can be problematic. This training provides participants with understanding the development of sexual behavior in children and how to identify, respond, and report if behavior is problematic.

Understanding Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting

A module of our curriculum allowing participants to develop a greater understand of the types of abuse, how to recognize physical and behavioral signs of abuse, and how to effectively recognize, respond to and report abuse.

Recognizing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

This comprehensive curriculum allows participants to demonstrate an increased knowledge of the varying aspects of child sexual abuse, those who offend against children, the dynamics of disclosure, individual and organizational responses, understanding sexual behavior in children and how to effectively recognize, respond to and report abuse.

For more information, additional training offerings or to schedule any of these trainings, please contact us.